Friday, January 18, 2013

Top 4 Performance Management Mistakes

As a leader, your ability to manage individual performance is critical to driving overall organizational success. To succeed, avoid these four common performance management mistakes:

  • One time Event. The Performance Review/Appraisal/Evaluation is only a small component of an overall Performance Management program. Performance management that aims for performance improvement is a process, not an event.

  • Being Afraid of Behavior Change. It is very difficult to change organizational performance without changing individual performance and individual behavior. People change as their environmental circumstances change. Only when managers understand and apply the core principles of high performance environments and behavioral science will they unlock the full potential of their direct reports.

  • Unclear Standards. It is difficult, frustrating, and counterproductive to appraise performance against ambiguous, unfair, inconsistent, misunderstood, changing, impossible, or immeasurable performance standards.

  • Placing Blame. Performance management is about clarity, accountability, rewards, recognition, and improvement - not about fault-finding. People make mistakes. Your job as a leader is to help your direct reports have an accurate picture of their performance against a clear standard while you support them as they continuously improve and excel.

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