Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Foundation of Effectively Managing Performance

The Foundation of Effectively Managing Performance

Do your team members know what you expect of them, how you measure their performance, how you reward excellence and how you deal with underperformers?

The cartoon characters above are clearly at odds. To extract the best performance from your team there are a few basics from performance management training that must be followed:

  • Set Clear Performance Expectations
    There should be no confusion about the standards of success and failure for each and every job.

  • Ensure Transparent Performance Measures
    The success metrics should be accurate, timely, consistent, fairly applied and visible to all.

  • Establish Meaningful Rewards and Consequences Upfront
    Superior performance deserves superior rewards; inferior performance deserves consequences.
This last “basic” is perhaps the hardest for managers to follow when they have a poor performer on their team. It is difficult for someone who wants to be “nice” to enforce consequences and to give negative feedback. But you must learn to do so if you want to keep your high performers motivated and engaged. Be supportive and encouraging but be honest. If someone is not measuring up, they will drag down the entire team. It is your responsibility to require improvement or move them on in a reasonable time period.

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