Performance Management - Prioritize the Smart Way

As a Leader, Performance Management is about helping your direct reports perform to their fullest in alignment with the goals of your organization.

When you first take on a new leadership responsibility, provide your direct reports with a clear list of what you want to accomplish. Then help them make a list of what you want them to accomplish.

You know (and your direct reports should know) that you cannot do it all. Task by task, job by job, objective by objective, goal by goal, you must prioritize. There will be many factors that influence the order in which you decide to attack them…team capabilities, resources, likelihood of success, business urgency, etc. We recommend adding one more very important criterion for the process—what will make your own boss look good.

Set up a meeting with your boss early on to learn as much as you can about how s/he is measured and by whom, as well as what s/he cares most about accomplishing for your organization. Do everything you can to support your boss’ goals and be sure s/he is kept regularly apprised of your progress. Your success as a leader will depend in great measure upon the success of your boss.

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