Performance Management - To Dictate or Request

When it comes to performance management, most new leaders forget about the importance and impact of their leadership style.

As a new leader, what kind of leadership style will come most naturally to you and what style will be most effective? These are questions you need to address right away.

Each of us has a communication style that reflects our personality and our most comfortable mode of interaction with others. You may be one who finds it easier to give orders than to ask for help—to dictate rather than request. But effective leadership requires that you adapt your style to the individual and the situation. You need to be flexible–the better you can adjust your style to the specific task and context, the more likely your teammate will support you and your performance goals for the team. Being directive to self starters will only alienate them; asking for help from a team mate who respects authority may make you appear weak.

Successful leaders know how to create consistent and fair performance management processes and how to influence others. This will be your challenge and your path to increased performance and successful leadership.

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