Just Your Strengths are NOT Enough…Expand Your Horizons to Succeed

While many recent performance management training programs are pushing for people to only focus on their strengths, we believe that this is a short-sighted approach. 

To advance in your career you must be willing to discover your weaknesses and try something new but risky.  Expanding your horizons beyond what you know, beyond your comfort zone, is exactly what best prepares you for development and leadership.

Think back to your last performance review.

  • What feedback did you receive on behaviors needing improvement?
  • Have you honestly tried to work on improving your weaknesses?

Granted, it is difficult to struggle in an area where you feel incompetent. But it is just this willingness to stretch yourself in new ways and experience new challenges that marks you as a potential executive.

Expand your horizons. Show that you are willing and able to learn. This is the way to strengthen your leadership abilities and gain the flexibility needed for success in the constantly changing work environment.

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