3 Steps to Follow When You and Your Boss Have a Fight

3 Steps to Follow When You and Your Boss Have a Fight

Did you just leave your boss’ office feeling like this?

Calm down and regain control of your anger…but don’t let the situation fester. Your relationship with your manager is directly correlated to your happiness on the job. Regardless of where the fault may lie for the disagreement, it is to your advantage to resolve the conflict. Think of it as a kind of reverse performance management training where you as the employee take charge of improving the behavior of your boss.

Step-by-step, here’s what to do:

  1. Seek advice, not by gossiping about the tiff but by asking for help from someone you trust to be objective. Test out your planned approach and ask for feedback.

  2. Give your manager the benefit of the doubt. Who knows what other pressures he may be under and what stress he feels?

  3. Take responsibility for the conflict and offer a possible solution.
Yes, congratulations, you are taking the high road…a much better path than pursuing a dead end to the relationship.

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